Why western powers are against Rwanda ?

USA, France, UK, Germany and Belgium are now harassing Rwandan President H.E. Paul KAGAME, asking him to put end to the support of M23 movement in DRC. Although these countries know very well that they are wrong (because Rwanda does not support anybody involved in Congolese civil war), they continue to ignore the true reason of the problem, what is the politics of Congolese authorities who divide their own people, assassinating some of them because they are rwandaphons, supporting the Rwandan genocidal group FDLR, etc… , corrupted and  ignoring national development, etc.

These western powers do not like rwandan leader because he never accept to be their puppet, he always denounces imperialist politics and call his people to defend their dignity. Doing so, he becomes more and more a good example of African leader for other African countries. A bad thing for these powers which cannot accept that all peoples are equal.


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